It’s no secret that I love bars.  Maybe it’s because some (definitely not all) bars are a great alternative to junk food and make excellent travel snacks for girls on the go, like me.

Let’s be clear here.  Not all bars are created equal.  Many, whose brands shall remain nameless (but perhaps might end up on Busted) are just junk disguised as health food.  Knowing the difference between crap and wholesome ingredients is a skill everyone should have!

When a box of Pure Organics Bars showed up at my house, I was eager to give them a try.

Like with any packaged food I pick up, the first thing I do is flip over the product and look at the ingredients list.  I knew things were going to be okay when I recognized every, single ingredient listed and saw the words vegan and gluten-free.  And many of the flavours are raw!

Pure bars were developed by Veronica Bosgraaf, after her young daughter became vegetarian.  She wanted a healthy snack for her child that was void of preservatives, fillers, processed sugars and animal-products.  And thus, Pure bars were born.

Cost – approximately $2.25 per bar

Availability – contact company for store listing near you

I taste-tested each one and dare I say I enjoyed them as much as Larabar? Rich in taste, chewy and full of texture, Pure bars would be great as snacks for children or the ultimate travel food.  There are a variety of delicious flavours to enjoy:

Apple Cinnamon – A perfect combination of apples and cinnamon.  Not overly sweet and has a rich cinnamon taste.  This would be the perfect 3pm snack to satisfy sweet cravings without doing damage. 

Cherry Cashew – More cherry then cashew which was perfectly ok with me, this bar was sweet without giving me a toothache.

Superfruit Nutty – This one was a bit too sweet, even for me and my giant sweet tooth.  A little bit on the overly-sticky side I would probably avoid this one too.

Wild Blueberry – My second favourite, I love the Wild Blueberry bar.  Pure uses actual organic wild blueberries which is pretty awesome.  Not overly sweet, would be great for kids.

Peanut Raisin Crunch – I would probably not purchase this variety because I try to avoid peanut butter.  This flavour has peanuts, peanut flour and peanut butter all which can be highly allergenic.  The Peanut Raisin Crunch bar is also not raw.  I do like the addition of raisins though and it has a nice sweet and salty flavour.

Chocolate Walnut – Hands down my favourite flavour.  Decadent chocolate with dates and walnuts makes this taste like a raw brownie.

Pure Bars also boast plenty of fiber and protein to slow down the absorption of sugar.  Pick some up and try them out!