A few of my guidelines for a healthy life are – to have a restful sleep, drink plenty of water, try not to stress the small stuff and eat lots of fresh greens.

One of the best greens out there is one that we often throw away – beet greens!

Beet greens contain chlorophyll which allow the plant to absorb sunshine and photosynthesize – the basis for sustaining the life of all plants.  Chlorophyll acts as an amazing detoxifier to the human body.

More facts about beet greens –

  • Beet greens are a rich source of potassium, which is an essential mineral to help regulate the body’s balance of fluid.  It is essential for many metabolic processes, proper muscle function and maintaining normal blood pressure.1
  • They have a high ability to absorb oxygen radicals (a marker of their antioxidant capacity.)2
  • The calcium levels of beet tops is 7 times higher than that of beet root.3
  • Are a source of vitamin B6 which is needed in the body to release energy in forms that the cells can use.  Vitamin B6 is also necessary for proper function of the nervous system, immune system and the manufacturing of red blood cells.4

Here are a few delicious recipes for beet greens –


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