This past weekend I met up with my friend and classmate Summer, for lunch at my favourite place in town, Whole Foods.  We hit up the prepared foods section, filled up our plates and met back at our table to compare meals.

The majority of the items on our plates were similar (sorry no photo!) and afterwards when we went grocery shopping, the majority of the items in our baskets were again the same.  The irony there is she’s paleo and I’m vegan.

This was so interesting for both of us as it turned out we had more in common then not.  Beyond the superficial differences in our diets, we have almost identical lifestyles of a whole foods diet, regular vigorous exercise and strive for balance.

We have both found, not just a ‘diet’ but a lifestyle that works for each of us.  And really, food is only one aspect of a healthy-living lifestyle.  There is also the physical and mental/emotional components.  If you are eating well and exercising but constantly stressed out, sorry but that’s not healthy.  Your body can only cope with high amounts of stress for so long.

Aiming for a balanced healthy living lifestyle is what we all should strive for.  And whether that means you are paleo, vegan, omnivore, raw, whatever.  There is no cookie cutter lifestyle that is right for everyone. 

What does a healthy living mean to you?