I was lucky enough this past weekend to spend a perfect Sunday evening on a rooftop overlooking the city, eating and laughing with some of my favourite girls; Krissy, Kristin and Gill.

The theme of our get-together was salad-party.  Each gal brought a different salad topping and once combined we had a beautiful spread. 

Kale, veggies, sweet and sour tofu, sunflower sprouts, almonds, hemp seeds with Gill’s hummus and Kristin’s poppy seed dressing and kombucha to drink.

I love how a meal brings people together.  I love that we each brought fairly basic ingredients and when mixed together it made a really tasty, healthy and perfectly balanced meal.  And I especially love that I am blessed with such smart, funny, caring and kind friends.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful meal and a more wonderful evening!