I am so excited to return to my series My Favourite Vegan.  Please enjoy reading about one of the most vibrant bloggers out there, Kris from I Heart Wellness.  This beauty is full of joy and positivity as well as amazing recipes and advice.

When/how did you become vegan?

I started following more of a vegan lifestyle 2 years ago when I was embarked on a 30 day detox that had me eliminate all animal products out of my diet. Prior to this detox I was already steering clear of eggs and dairy because of my food allergies which meant I had to learn to bake vegan very quickly! While detoxing I realized that not having the meat in my life was actually providing me more energy, better sleeping patterns and a clearer mind.

I can’t say I am a full vegan as I do still enjoy a nice piece of salmon every now and then.

What is your favourite vegan meal?

Hmmm this is a tough question! My favourite vegan meal would have to be either Chana Masala {Indian is my fave!} or Vegan / Gluten Free Burritos that are stuffed with beans, salsa, veggies and spices and lightly sprinkled with Daiya Cheese and topped with a heaping amount of Guacamole 😉 Now I’m hungry!

What does "vegan" and being vegan mean to you?

Vegan means pure, clear, and clean. Those were the first words that came to me when I read this question. I can speak from experience that I feel lighter since eating a high vegan diet. I love the connection I have with my plant based foods. We have a serious relationship over here 😉

Your favourite kitchen staples (ie ingredients, tools and gadgets etc)

Coconut oil!!! omg, I can’t live without my coconut oil. It goes in everything and on everything in my day! I also love avocados and they are a staple in my diet because they are gorgeous, creamy and delightful!

Top 3-5 favourite resources (ie books, websites, blogs, people)

I find myself loving vegan bakers lately and have been following people such as Angela at ohsheglows.com, I also love the Purely Elizabeth, and found the Babycakes cookbook very helpful in a lot of bakery adventures!

Any advice to vegans or those thinking of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?

Enjoy it, don’t fight it. once you bring in a negative feeling or thought around your food the acid from the stress causes more harm than good. Remember that trying something doesn’t mean you are set for life. It is important to be open-minded and use your body as an experiment. This is exactly what I have done to cure the food allergies, life a healthy and skinny life!


You can follow Kris on Twitter, Facebook and her blog, I Heart Wellness.