Health is a choice.  Anyone desiring to be healthy can decide to make the changes necessary to accomplish that goal.  Taking personal responsibility leads to wellness. ~Dr. Carolee Bateson–Koch, author of Allergies: Disease in Disguise

The above is one of my favourite quotes.  There is nothing more empowering then taking responsibility and care of yourself.

It’s easy to think that being the textbook definition of “healthy” means only the absence of disease, illness or ailments.  You are generally not healthy and all of a sudden sick, there are so many factors involved and disease builds up over time. Often it’s also just as easy to forget that disease typically doesn’t just happen.  If the body and mind are put under the constant pressure of negative stress, bad eating habits and lack of physical movement, the body will start to break down and illness starts to occur.  This is why prevention is so important.  What you do now shapes the future. 

For me, being healthy is eating a high raw vegan diet, working out more days then not, getting 8 hours of good quality sleep a night, laughing daily and practicing yoga.  All of these factors work together to keep me healthy and if I am missing any of these, I feel burnt out and sick.  This is how I define health for me, its what I have determined to work for me and help me feel my best.

And now, the exciting part!  The lovely people at Upaya Naturals have generously offered a $100 giftcard as part of a giveaway on my blog!  Upaya Naturals is THE place to go for all things raw, vegan and healthy.  They have a huge product list, the customer service is beyond and the staff is extremely helpful and knowledge.   


Want to win? Here’s how to enter:

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The winner will be announced on Friday, July 8th!

*Please note this contest is open to those residing in Canada only.