A few weekends ago I attended an amazing event called Reboot Toronto.  Reboot was hosted by Yafa from House of Verona, a beautiful health retreat in Collingwood Ontario.

I started by meeting up for lunch with Ashley.  We have been “blog friends” for quite some time but when we found out we were both attending Reboot we decided to meet up before and have lunch at Butler’s Pantry

The second I sat down Ashley’s bubbly and happy energy hit me like a wave and we immediately hit it off.  Not surprising as we have so much in common.

We headed over the centre and got settled.  The energy was so happy and calm.

Yafa started us off with her story of bipolar depression and how changing her diet to raw and vegan immediately helped her symptoms.  She is such a sweet, compassionate person and I really appreciated that she was so open with her story as depression is a hard thing to talk about, especially in front of an audience.  Yafa also mentioned that the best way to enhance endorphins is through laughter, sex and exercising.  Do what you will with that information!

Next up we participated in a really wonderful yoga class taught by Linda of Iam Yoga.  Followed by a talk from Ben Stone, a very interesting and intelligent Hippocrates Health Educator.  Did you know that 2 oz of wheatgrass = 3 lbs average vegetables nutrient value, pretty awesome right?

And of course, Meghan Telpner who shared her 10 Things She Learned Healing An Incurable Disease

Meghan is incredibly down to earth, funny and passionate.  There were so many points she mentioned that I really liked including “We are better to spend our time happily creating, than creating to be happy.”

Elwin Robinson followed Meghan where he spoke on the importance of energy and how to increase our energy through simple steps such as proper breathing and clean water.

And last but not least the awesome and inspiring Philip McCluskey, a raw vegan who famously lost 215 lbs through raw food.

Overall the event was pretty amazing.  I love being in a room full of other people who share many of my interests, it’s rare that it happens!  It was an emotionally exhausting day but I left with a new friend and feeling inspired and rebooted.

How do you “reboot?”