Hello friends!  My favourite vegan today is Megan of My Vegan Story.  Did you know that Megan is only 16 years old?  I find it so inspiring that she takes her diet and lifestyle in her own hands and educates herself on what works best for her.  Also a big hooray for her parents for supporting her!

Without further ado…

I’m Megan, I’m 16 years old and have a little blog where I share my stories called myveganstory.  I’m a hot yoga fanatic and a newbie runner dedicated to health and cooking.

Not your typical teen. I know.

When/how did you become vegan?

I became vegan around October 2010 and it was a total life changing experience. I was beginning recovery from a severe eating disorder and I needed a new healthy outlook on food and life. I did a lot of research and watched movies like Earthlings. Seeing the way animals were treated for us to eat, wear or for our entertainment was horrifying. I couldn’t contribute any longer. As I started eating all plant based foods I felt amazing! My energy increased and I felt a felt a powerful connection to the world (ask anyone who’s been vegan for a while and they probably feel this way too) Veganism saved me.

I also have to say that I’m extremely lucky to have parents that support me in such a big decision (and let me take up most of the room in the fridge.)

What is your favourite vegan meal?

Breakfast. Anything that involves waffles, pancakes, or oatmeal are my favs. Most important and delicious meal of the day!

What does "vegan" and being vegan mean to you?

In simple words being vegan means treating animals and our bodies with compassion, which of course excludes animal products!

Your favourite kitchen staples (ie ingredients, tools and gadgets etc)

My biggest staples are fresh fruits and veggies, grains and nut butters. But of course i need other things like food for life breads and so delicous chocolate coconut milk ice cream (simple ingredients but outstanding in flavor!), and Amy’s frozen veggie burgers.

Favourite tools and gadgets are my food processor, and rice cooker (try cooking your oatmeal in it – A M A Z I N G!)

Top 3-4 favourite resources (ie books, websites, blogs, people)
The Kind diet by Alicia Silverstone
Thanking the Monkey by Karen Dawn.
Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero (great cookbook!)

Any advice to vegans or those thinking of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?

My biggest advice is to take it as slow as you want. Being vegan should not mean being deprived. As I cut meat, dairy and eggs out I no longer craved them. So slowly introduce more plant based foods or do the "Meatless Monday" thing every week. I believe that any change you make makes a difference.

And second: PLAN AHEAD. Make a meal plan and have options if something goes wrong. I always have larabars with me and always keep frozen veggie burgers available if I don’t feel like cooking.

Thanks for reading!

Girl you are awesome!

You can read more about Megan on her blog and follow her on Twitter.