Happy Easter!  I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I had a busy weekend…yesterday I spent the day with Ashley at Reboot (post on that to come!) and today Lisa and I went to a wonderful and restorative yoga class followed by lunch at Fresh and a walk with amazing, intelligent and inspiring conversation through Trinity-Bellwoods park.

My Fresh lunch, the Mega Life salad – crispy tofu cubes, grilled spinach, alfalfa & sunflower sprouts, grated carrots, parsley and toasted nuts & seeds on salad greens:

And of course I had a SFTE Vanilla cupcake…of course I did:

I also made a millet bowl – roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, swiss chard, millet and Groovy Gravy.

Millet is a high fiber, gluten-free grain so it can be used by anyone with a gluten-sensitivity.  It is widely used in Africa and the Middle East and is relatively inexpensive.  Millet contains a high amount of magnesium, fiber and nearly 15% protein.  It is a warming grain that helps to heat the body and it also contains a phytonutrients (that is, all non-traditional substances in plants that provide specific health benefits – “Staying Healthy With Nutrition” by Elson Haas)

The recipe for Groovy Gravy comes from Eva Cabaca’s cookbook Earthly & Divine (Eva is an instructor at my school!) I highly recommend picking up a copy of this cookbook.

*Sources – Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson Haas and World’s Healthiest Foods website.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?