Hi everyone!  I have a really great announcement…as of Monday I am now a certified Personal Trainer (through Can Fit Pro!)  As of right now I don’t think I will be a trainer because I am usually pressed for time as it is, although who knows what the future holds.

And as I mentioned, I’ve gone back to vegan and I am so so so happy about it.  I am also getting really into the raw food movement and yesterday I successfully made my first raw wraps using collard leaves!


Inside these wraps are raw yellow beets, sprouts and sunflower and hemp seed pate.  Here is the recipe by Joanne Gero:

I’ve also been trying to add a lot more variety to my diet.  Sometimes I can be such a creature of habit.  When I was a kid I would only eat grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken fingers and fries no lie.  I’m glad that my tastes have changed.


Have a beautiful day!