I don’t want to brag but I’m sort of famous for my smoothies. 


I drink 1 or 2 smoothies a day, I keep a Magic Bullet on my desk at the office and pack the cups full of my smoothie ingredients and then I can blend when I’m ready.

Smoothies are amazing because you pack a heck of a lot of nutrition into one simple drink (it can also serve as a meal.)  Smoothies differ from fresh juice because you are not removing the fibre and pulp just blending into liquid.

I get asked a lot what goes into these smoothies so here is a guide that I hope you might find helpful.

Dani’s Guide to Smoothies

Step 1 – Start with your base

Choose 2-3 fruits ie banana, strawberries, mango, pineapple, blueberries.  I almost always use a banana and add more fruit with it

Step 2 – Add your greens

Pick 1 green vegetable ie spinach, sunflower sprouts, romaine, kale.  If you’ve never tried a green smoothie before, don’t freak out just yet.  Spinach is great for beginners because it has a sweet and mild taste, I like to add about 1 cup to my mix.  There are also green powdered formulas available too.

Step 3 – Pick your protein

I always add a protein powder to my smoothies for an extra nutritional kick.  My favourite is Sunwarrior Vanilla but you can try hemp, brown rice,  goat milk whey, greens blends, yogurt, almond butter.  Try to avoid those giant tubs of soy and whey powders, they are generally cheap crap that isn’t doing anything to help your body.

Step 4 – Choose your superfoods

Adding superfoods to your smoothie will not only enhance the taste but the health benefits are amazing.  Choose from ground flax seed, flax oil, hemp oil, raw cacao (a Dani favourite…makes everything taste like chocolate!), coconut oil, goji berries, camu camu powder (great for Vitamin C)

Step 5 – Time to liquefy

You have a multitude of options here…I keep it simple and add water or coconut water.  You can add fresh juice (you don’t need to add juice from a box or can, it’s just added sugar and garbage that you don’t really need) I was thinking that a flavoured tea cooled down might taste nice too.  Also try almond, rice or hemp milk.  Blend until smoothie and enjoy!

Tell me, what is your favourite smoothie recipe!