Cacao is the dried seeds of a South American evergreen tree called Theobroma cacao which is used in making cocoa and chocolate.* 

I happen to love chocolate.  LOVE it.  But much of the chocolate I consume is full of added crap that really doesn’t offer much by way of nutrition and sure doesn’t come from nature.  Eating raw cacao offers the taste of chocolate (mind you, since it doesn’t have all the sugar and additives it has a mildly bitter taste, think dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate.)

When the cacao beans are broken into bits and left unprocessed they are called raw cacao nibs which is my personal favourite. 


Raw cacao is rich in:


I enjoy sprinkling raw cacao nibs over my morning oatmeal or as a powder which I add to smoothies to make them taste chocolaty.  It also makes for an amazing hot chocolate drink.

Have you ever tried raw cacao?  What is your favourite way to eat it?


*Source: Navitas Naturals