Today I had the privilege of meeting up with some fellow bloggers for brunch at Pulp Kitchen:

From left to right – Nienke, Lisa, Sarah, Morgan, Preena, me, Therese and Amanda

I had the home-made waffles:

The description reads “Fresh baked blueberry spelt and cornmeal waffles served with vegan banana coconut cream, our fresh blueberry jam and pure Canadian maple syrup” and sweet!  Morgan was so sweet to esemble Halloween goody bags for us (including the most delicious apple!) and Preena bought samples of Arvinda’s spices, cannot tell you how excited to make curry!

It was a really great meal at a really great place with some beyond great girls.  The conversations really inspired me and gave me loads to think about in terms of where I want my blog and branding to go.  When I got home I noticed the 3 over-ripe bananas sitting in my fruit bowl.  This screamed banana loaf to me.  So I slapped on my new apron:

(Excuse the crappy photo, I still have mastered the art of the self-portrait)  I pulled out the very first cookbook I ever purchased for myself Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.”  It’s a great resource and Mark is a really great chef and writer, I have the culinary hots for him!  He has a recipe for banana bread that I used as a base and added chopped dates and raisins for some extra sweetness. 

It turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself and the delicious smell of banana bread has been wafting through my home for hours, yum!  I need to study for a test tomorrow, it’s the last day of my first course at IHN!