Oh pomegranate.  You are such a headache to open and peel but so worth every frustrating second it takes  me get to your sweet little seeds.

Last week I bought 2 pomegranates at the grocery store.  They are still sitting in my crisper because the thought of opening them gives me anxiety.  But I seriously love them.  Here’s a bit of a breakdown of the pomegranates nutritional profile:

Amazing anti-oxidation properties
A great source of fibre
High in Vitamin C

The pomegranate has three parts – the thick outer skin, the inner white membrane and the juicy, red seeds called arils.  An easy way to get to them is to cut the pomegranate in half, submerge it in cold water and start to peel away the membrane to get to the red seeds.  The white membrane should float to the top making it easier to collect the arils.

Pom seeds taste great on their own, in smoothies/fresh juice, over oatmeal or on top of a salad.

Do you like pomegranates?  What is your favourite way to eat them?