Good evening veggie and non-veggie friends!

While the rest of Toronto was celeb spotting at TIFF, I was doing some celeb spotting, veggie style at the Toronto Vegetarian Association Food Fair.  I had the pleasure of helping out the extremely talented, passionate and kind Marni Wasserman at her booth Delicious Knowledge.  I also met the awesome Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health and Meghan Telpner of Love in the Kitchen as well as a Fit Chick (Stephanie – I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you!)  The knowledge these amazing women have bestowed upon me through their blogs and classes have made such an impact on my life during the past year. 

I met some new friends, whom are also fellow vegans and bloggers Krissy, Gillian and Stephanie.  It was so lovely getting to know these great ladies!  Please check out their amazing blogs, I know you’ll love reading them as much as I do!

Krissy, her lovely hubby and I caught the fabulous Brenda Davis speak about Raw Food.  Brenda was an amazing speaker and had some interesting insights into Raw Food and factory farming (truthfully the moment she brought up factory farming, my eyes started watering.  Seeing animals being treated so cruelly and that businesses and governments turn a blind eye really p*sses me off.)  I also saw Brendan Brazier hanging around, didn’t snap a pic, I would have felt soo creepy.

And of course, the FOOD!  I sampled treated from LPK’s Culinary Groove, Sweets From the EarthCoconut Bliss,  a young coconut drink and delicious papaya.

I left with some awesome booty:

A big, ol’ bag of Sunwarrior raw vegan protein powder in Vanilla and a variety of amazing cookies from New Moon Kitchen.

All in all it was an amazing weekend!  I am so proud to be part of such a positive and supportive community in Toronto that is truly making a difference not just in our city but in our country and the world.  Alright this gal’s gotta get some beauty sleep for my first day of school tomorrow!  Peace and love to you all.