Hello blog friends!  I hope you had a nice Labour Day weekend!

This past weekend in T.O. was chilly, Fall was definitely in the air and soup felt necessary.  I made a version of Carrot Kale Lentil soup but substituted quinoa with white beans.  I blended 1/2 the mixture (not the kale), the white beans gave the soup a creamy texture.  Yum!

I met up with my awesome friend Rachel for lunch at Hibiscus in Kensington Market.  It is a super cute vegan and gluten-free cafe that is famous for its homemade vegan gelato!

I ordered the soup and salad combo:

This was the perfect amount and combination of food.  The soup was squash and the salad had quinoa, tofu, sweet potato, string beans, beets, broccoli, chick pea salad and some delicious but unidentifiable cream cheese-like topping.  It was served with a delicious raw cracker. 

And of course there was dessert:

Oh.my.gosh.  I had a cup of Chocolate Brownie gelato, made from mung beans.  Amazing.  Hibiscus does not use soy in any of their gelato, they are made with either coconut milk or mung beans.  Honestly I don’t know what a mung bean is, but it tastes damn good as desert.  The dessert on the left is a peanut butter chocolate chip square, Rachel and I shared it thank goodness, it was really rich.

I was super happy because 102.1 the Edge played the Top 200 songs of the 90’s.  Such amazing music came out of that decade but it made me feel so old when I had the thoughts that “they don’t make music like they use to.”  I’m going to rock out to Soundgarden!