I have been vegan/vegetarian for almost three years.  It amazes me what I use to eat and consider “healthy” to where I am now.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some animal products that have a lot of nutritional value and I have nothing but respect for my fellow meat-eaters.  I’ve made a personal choice to abstain from animal products for a very personal reason.

My journey to veganism started four years ago when I was unhappy, unhealthy and not very physically fit, a big change from how I typically am.  At the time, I belonged to a gym and had a personal trainer but neither was a very good experience.  One night, I was supposed to meet with my trainer but she had bailed on our session and forgot to tell me.  I was annoyed and stormed out of the gym, angry.  Ten minutes later I witnessed someone commit suicide in front of me and my life was forever changed.  Seeing that made me realize that I only had one life to live and I better make damn sure that I live it to its fullest.

After that, I did a 180, I got serious at the gym, cleaned up my eating, read nutrition and wellness books and started back at yoga.  Yoga is one of my favourite things in life, it centres and grounds me.  I started to question a lot of my beliefs, such as eating animals.  I love animals, yes.  The idea of global warming, factory-farming, GMO and hormone-drugged animals yes, freaks me out.  But what really changed my mind is the suffering those animals go through just to get on my dinner plate.  Again, for me personally this did not make sense in my life.  I truly believe that our (both humans and animals) emotions create energy and if the animals that I was consuming lived in pain, fear and suffering that energy transfers to me when I eat them.  I wanted a life that was free of harm to all beings and if that meant not having steak or McDonald’s or leather boots I was happy with that. 

Being vegan I sometimes get teased and asked many questions about my choices and what I eat but I  just have to let it roll off my back.  I know that this isn’t the right decision for everybody, I also understand that while others need to respect my beliefs, I too need to be respectful of theirs.  I’m never going to be a hardcore animal rights activist, as much as I appreciate and respect their beliefs.  But you’ll never see me go into a McDonald’s ever again (and trust me, there was a point in my life where following a night out at the bar I was their favourite customer.)  We all have to do what is best for us right now, in this moment.  Thank you for reading my story!