Happy Sunday everyone!

This afternoon my Dad and I went to the Conscious Food Festival held at Fort York in Toronto.  According to their website, the idea is:

“The Conscious Food Festival is the first ever Canadian collaborative event to help promote the growing sustainable food movement while introducing thousands of people to food that is local, natural, healthy and delicious.”

Amazing idea in theory.  In practice however, it was beyond disappointing.  Excuse me for getting a bit Carrie Bradshaw-like but I couldn’t help but wonder where were all the veggies?

There were local wine booths, local beer booths, restaurants with local, ethically raised meats.  But I did not see a single booth, aside from Foodland Ontario (who at the time was hosting a roast chicken session) that promoted GTA and Ontario fresh produce.  Here in the Golden Horseshoe we are blessed with some of the richest, most bountiful soil to grow crops on Earth and much of this is disappearing due to urban sprawl.  Wouldn’t this have been a fabulous opportunity to make people aware of the growing issues in agriculture as well as showcase some amazing produce.  What if there was a booth promoting CSA’s (Community-support agriculture), local delivery services that provide local and/or organic foods delivered right to your door, anti-factory farm groups to show why local, ethical meats are better, farmers associations that promote the why of buying local is important.

I’m not going to be a total bitter Betty about this, it was the first festival of its kind and the volunteers of this event were wonderful.  However, unless the organizers make some drastic improvements for next year, you won’t catch me there.

So, after leaving the festival we headed over to Fresh on Crawford where I had the Holiday wrap and a Yellow Brick Road juice:

Followed by a vanilla cupcake from Sweets of the Earth as an early birthday treat:

Hope you had a great weekend!