Naturally, I tend to listen mostly with my head, sometimes with my heart and rarely to my body.   It takes a great deal of effort and patience to train yourself to find balance between all three but it is hugely important to do so.  If one element has more weight or pull then the other, you become out of balance.  To me, balance means having the body, mind and spirit in alignment and working in cohesion.

But how do we get to this place?

Finding Balance 101

1.  Relax – this is numero uno because it’s the hardest to do.  Between the daily stresses of work, home and life you might think it’s hard to find a place of calm and stillness.  But go on and give it a try.  The more relaxed and balanced you are, the more relaxed and balance the things around you will seem.

2. Listen to and trust your gut – maybe the ultimate in mind/body balance.  If we can tap into that feeling we get, your “gut instinct” you wouldn’t have to think and analyze as you can just trust yourself to make the best choice.

3. Meditation and yoga – I have found both to be an amazing tool for finding balance.  Meditation is like a muscle, you have to work on it to keep it strong.  It can be challenging for some but trust me, after a while you get use to it.  There are lots of various forms of meditation as well as many forums that teach can you how to properly meditate.  If you live in Toronto, check out the Toronto Meditation Guide for a listing of resources.

4. Live in the moment – the past is gone, the future is unknown so try to not concern yourself with it.  Appreciate the Present.

And remember, balance does not occur overnight, it takes time, effort and practice.  Having balance requires constant attention and practice, you have to keep up with it but the results can be amazing.  You owe it to yourself.