Yep, that there’s a tattoo on my arm.  I got it two years ago much to the horror of my parents.  It is part of my most favourite quote, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world,” spoken very beautifully by Mahatma Gandhi.  Every day for the last three years I have repeated this quotation as my own personal manta so I got it inked on my arm.  A tad drastic?  Maybe, according to my mother but to me it’s an important reminder to be good, be present and create change.  We each have the power to make an impact in our community and in the world with our actions and our words, good or bad.  A seemingly insignificant comment can change someone’s day and wielding this power is truly quite incredible.  So why not do some good?

My Dad called me earlier this week and was so excited to tell me about his newest purchases – goji berries, raw cacao nibs and coconut oil.  A few months ago, I had told him I eat these  items and each have amazing health properties.  It made me happy to know that he valued something I said and made a decision to choose good health.

So go on, try to be someone’s change.