Hello!  Welcome to the first installment of Beauty By Nature.  I’m going to show you some easy, non-toxic ways to create homemade beauty products.  Simple, cheap and best of all, from nature!

This week during a trip to the mall I stopped in at a rather popular beauty store.  I picked up one of my favourite scrubs and checked out the ingredients list.  A little light bulb clicked in my nature-loving brain, “can’t I just make this myself?”   And here you have it –

Homemade Sugar Body Scrub


2 cups Organic Demerara or Turbinado sugar
1/3 cup Almond oil (you can substitute with avocado, jojoba or olive oil)
1/2 tsp Essential oil – Vanilla, lemon or lavender are nice (Optional)


1.  Combine sugar and oil.

2. Add essential oil.

3. Store in an air tight glass jar.

4. Scrub down in the shower and watch your skin glow!


The above items cost me a total of about $12 while that favourite scrub of mine is about $40 bucks a pop and contains ingredients I can’t pronounce.  Many body scrubs that line the shelves of our favourite drug stores contain a lot of junk, even plastic!  You know those little beads you see in some face and body scrubs?  Yep, they’re made of polyethylene plastic and these babies do not belong on our faces or in our oceans.