I am in a really great fitness zone now.  I have done an activity and got my sweat on every day for the last two weeks (with the exception of this past Monday, this girl needed a rest day.)  As hard as it sometimes is to get out there and do something, the high I feel afterwards is amazing and encouraging.  It helps having tons of support around me too, include some really great workout buddies.

Taking a cue from Ashley at Dancing Through Life, I have been tracking my workouts with star stickers.  However, because there are a bunch of different activities I do (oh and because I’m a geek) I decided to start tracking my workout via this handy little excel tracker which I keep on my desktop:

This is an easy way to keep track of where I am spending the most time and energy and where I can improve.  It’s also a great excuse to make an excel chart, which I happen to have major love for.  I also like to add a list of goals to strive for each month ie. drink 2-3L of water per days, cardio 3 x per week, smile more, etc.

Do you track your workouts?  How do you keep track?