Let me preface this post by saying that this is my opinion and only my opinion.  Whatever you choose to do is your choice alone and must be given careful thought and consideration.

Over eight months ago I did something drastic to my body.  I stopped taking the birth control pill.  I have been on various forms of the pill for almost 10 years and after hearing enough negative things about it I decided to stop. 

It feels empowering to let my body go back to its natural rhythm and run its course as it should.  That is, once things get back to normal.  I’m not going to lie, the pill did some pretty interesting things to me while I was on it (weight gain, depression, estrogen overload and more) and since being off of it even more interesting things have happened to me (major acne, weight gain, stress, irregular cycle.)  My major complaint is the nasty, cystic acne I’ve developed.  It’s painful and really embarassing…I feel much like my 15 year-old self all over again!  My hormones are still trying to get back to their normal state, whatever that maybe. 

On the positive side, I don’t feel quite so moody anymore and know the long-term benefits will be worth it.  I am consulting with my Naturopath and we have an action plan to get my body properly functioning.

Have you gone off the pill?  Any words of wisdom?

Before you decide to go off/stay on the pill, please discuss with your Naturopathic Doctor or General Practitioner about a birth control plan that is right for you.