Have you ever seen those people whose breakfast consists of coffee and nothing else?  I say those people because I’m not one of them and I don’t really understand them.  The second I wake up, I want  a breakfast that will be filling, nourishing and will keep me going for a better part of the morning.  It is important to remember that not all breakfast foods are created equal.  Sugary cereals, high-fat meats and white potatoes do not provide much substance and will only stave off hungry for a short period before you need to eat again.  Not to mention, none of those options are very  nutrient dense foods.

When I eat a great breakfast I feel like this helps to set the tone for the rest of the day and makes me less inclined to have cravings in the afternoon.

Danielle’s Power Breakfast

Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal (there are numerous kinds, I like the Organic 6 Grain version), cook this up in about 5 minutes, then add your ‘stuff.’

‘Stuff’ could be any or all of the following:
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
flax seed
goji berries
raw cacao
flax oil
hemp seeds
chia seeds

And there you go, a perfect, filling and hearty meal!  If you find this a little to rustic, as a friend of mine calls it, add some apple sauce, maple syrup or raw honey to sweeten it up.

When you have something for breakfast, you’re not going to be starving by lunch. ~Bruce Barton