My journey begins in my early 20’s where I spent little to no time and thought on what I ate and how to take care of myself, it was just never a concern.  I’ve always been thin and I use to equate that with being healthy, which as I know now is not the case.  Whenever I went to the doctors for my annual check-up, the results would come back as fine, I was on paper in perfect condition.  The truth is I never felt quite right; always lacking in energy and I didn’t quite have that sparkle that one should have in their youth.

Fast-forward to 2007; mid-20’s, gaining weight and very unhappy and unmotivated.  I hesitate to write this next paragraph because it must be approached with compassion and non-judgement.  One night I witnessed a tragic suicide at a Toronto subway station.  What I saw forever changed me and how I looked at the world and myself.  Things that I use to worry about seemed so small and insignificant and I realized how truly precious life is and that we receive one body, mind and spirit that we must show love, appreciation and respect to.

Awhile later, I went to the bookstore and bought a book on nutrition.  This ignited a passion for heath and well-being that has obviously stuck.  From there I joined a gym and started to practice yoga.  I learned to cook and enjoy food and being in the kitchen.  I then choose to go down the path of vegetarianism and have not looked back.  Being vegetarian is such a huge part of my identify, is something I feel strong and passionate about.

And now in 2010 I have decided to enter a new chapter and take my passion one step further and get my diploma in Holistic Nutrition.  And when I look back to three years ago and what happened that night at the subway station, I can’t be anything but thankful to this person whose journey ended because they help me realize that my journey is only just beginning.

Thank you for reading my story. 

How did you develope a fondness for well-being?  What are you passionate about?